Apostille or Legalisation

Legalising Educational Document is a mandatory task for studying in Poland. 

Legalisation of the official documents is a confirmation by the local authority that your certificates and diplomas are authentic. In order to present your documents for studying in Poland, you need to legalise them and there are two ways of doing it:

1. Apostille

If your country has signed the Hague Convention all you need is an Apostille certificate. Click here to check the local authorities which are responsible for issuing the Apostille certificate.

2. Legalize

Get in touch with the local Polish Consulate, this usually involves a separate procedure and it would mean putting a stamp and a signature on the backside of your original documents. Check the website of the Polish consulate/embassy in your country to find out the details of the process. In many cases you will need to get your certificates and diplomas signed by the local educational authority (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) first before going to the Polish Consulate.

And in some countries, authentication by local educational authority, for example, attesting youeducational documents by the Ministry of Education and then Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is good enough.

If you are not in your home country, you can go to the nearest Diplomatic Mission (embassy) of your home country and ask them to legalise your educational documents. 

If you have trouble legalising your documents, feel free to get in touch with us via study@unidaddy.comOur experts will guide you through the legalisation process of your educational documents.