Erasmus Scholarship

Erasmus Program

Established in 1987, Erasmus is a student mobility programme that allows students to do an internship for 3 months and study for at least 3 months in a partnered university, credits of which will be recognized by the home country. Since 1987, more than 3 million students have participated in the programme with the most popular Erasmus destinations being Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.
It’s a great opportunity to experience a different culture, country, and learning from the professors of other universities. Every university has an Erasmus office to help both incoming and outgoing students. 

Erasmus+ Program

The upgraded version of the original Erasmus programme, Erasmus+ started in 2014 and will last till 2020. It is a combination of all schemes for education, youth and sport, training, and lifelong learning. 14.7 Billion Euros have been allocated for the programme and will provide opportunities for nearly 4 million Europeans to study, train, volunteer, and gain professional work experience. The focus is to help improve the skills of youth and handle unemployment after graduation. 

Polish Universities and Eligibility Criteria

The best thing about studying in Poland is all almost all Polish universities offer Erasmus exchange open for all students, including international students. Students can go for maximum two semesters in a partnered university and a stipend is paid to the students for managing the cost of living.

For eligibility it is best to refer to your university website; but major criteria is having at least 3.0 GPA, having completed at least one semester at your Polish university and the ability to use the language of instruction. If you are studying in English already and go for an English programme at the partnered university, you won’t have any problems. 

Why the Erasmus Exchange Program?

We live in a globalized economy where understanding and tolerance of diversity, as well as knowledge of other economies, is a valuable asset. Erasmus programme enhances a youth’s job prospects. It was found that the unemployment rate of the youth was 23% lower who have studied or worked abroad. 

While you welcome the Erasmus exchange program, you are free from paying the education cost for the new university. EU Commission gives you the Erasmus Grant to assist you with the costs. It is a most valuable experience that a student can take advantage of.  An opportunity to travel is opened as voyaging turns into the piece of regular day to day existence. Learning a new language and teaching by making it a profession is the extra lead that you can add to your life. 

Development of new skills takes place which will help in growing in the work area. You have the tendency to generate new ideas and share the perfect blend of experience by motivating others and making much profit.

For more information: check official Erasmus website.