Admission in Poland

Polish universities offer some of the most value for money courses around the world. They follow the European Standard in Higher Education and offer programs as per the Bologna process and offer Bachelors (3 years), Masters (2 years) and Doctorate (3-4 years) degrees. The country also implements the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, in short, ECTS system. It means that you can be a mobile student and the degrees are well recognized even outside Poland. Currently, Polish universities offer more than 700 courses in foreign languages and how to get admission in them.

Step 1: University Selection

Visit web portal: Study Finder

Once you have chosen the university and study program, follow the next step.

Step 2: Admission Requirements

For Bachelors degree

•    Certificate of Secondary Education (Legalized at the Polish Embassy or Apostilled)

•    English Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL, more)[Click here for more information]

•    Motivation Letter 

For Masters degree

•    Certificate of Secondary Education (Legalized at the Polish Embassy or Apostilled)

•    Bachelors degree(Legalized at the Polish Embassy or Apostilled)

•    English Proficiency Test(IELTS, TOEFL, more)[Click here for more information]

•    Motivation Letter

•    Curriculum Vitae

Please note:

•    if you apply to study Architecture, yYou will also be required to submit a portfolio 

•    for more information about legalization and apostille, click here

Step 3: Online Registration

Most Polish universities have their own admission platform and will require an online registration to begin the admission process.

Once you fill up and submit the required information, the university will create a profile in their system for you. You will receive an email from the university giving you a unique number and password to log in.

Save this information as you will require them for your application and during your study.

Part 4: Online Application

Log into your profile and fill in with all the required details and upload

•    Passport sized photograph

•    Passport

•    Educational documents

•    English Language Certificate

•    Motivation Letter

Once you have done it wait for the university to contact you at their earliest and guide you for the next step.

Step 5: Documents Verification

After receiving your documents, the university shall verify your eligibility. If your application lacks any document, the university will ask you to submit them within the given deadline.

Once your candidature is approved, some universities will invite you for a Skype interview.

Step 6: Tuition Fees Payment

•    Upon acceptance, the university shall notify you by an email or send you the Acceptance Letter and ask to pay the tuition fees within the mentioned deadline. 

•    After payment of fees, the university will issue the admission letter.

•    When you create the online profile, the university’s enrolment system automatically generates a unique bank account number for you, thus, your assign number shall be different from others. Pay the tuition fees only to your issued number.

•    Some university may accept the tuition fees to their common bank account number. Ensure the given details’ authenticity from the university’s web portal or by calling to university’s admission department before paying.

Note: The given beneficiary name should be always as per the university’s name. If you see something else, contact with your university.

Step 8: Apply for the visa

If you are not from the EU, Switzerland, and Norway, you will need a ‘National D-type’ visa. For more information: click here.

Step 9: Arrive in Poland

Once the visa is approved, plan your journey to Poland. It is recommended to arrive at least one week before starting the classes, so that, you can be familiar with your neighbourhood, university, and the city.