Getting a Polish Visa

    If you are not a citizen of EU, you will need to apply for the National ‘D’ type visa which allows you to study in Poland for 365 days from the day it is issued. After arriving, you should apply for the Temporary Residence Permit before your visa expires to prolong your stay.


              • Search for the visa consulate that will process your application, CLICK HERE
              • Register yourself with the local consulate by filling up the online visa application form
              • Collect all the required documents
              • Visit the embassy on the scheduled date of appointment
              • Take the visa interview
              • Get your entry visa (National D Visa) to Poland

              Please note, you can take appointment maximum 3 months before your planned journey. We recommend you to book the visa appointment at least 1 month before you have to travel to Poland or while waiting for the Admission Letter. Our experience tells that during the busy time, students wait for a few weeks to get the visa appointment.

              If you cannot find any near appointment, you need to login and keep refreshing the appointment page because people cancel their appointments and that spot opens up for grab.


              To get the Polish Visa, you must submit as per the embassy’s guided documents. Failing to do so may result to a refusal of getting the visa. Most Polish Embassies ask students to submit the following documents:

              A. Printed and signed online application form

              B. Passport issued within last 10 years and with at least 2 blank pages and validity period for at least 3 months extended prior to the departure from Poland

              C. A 35mm x 45mm sized coloured photograph taken against a plain white background

              D. Travel Medical Insurance

              • For the entire period of intended stay 
              • Valid for all Schengen countries and
              • Minimum coverage 30,000 EUR

              E. Return Ticket Reservation (Please note, Polish Consulate does not require you to buy the ticket but booking)

              F. Proof of Lodging (Hotel or student dormitory reservation. The university shall issue you the confirmation letter if you go for the on-campus accommodation)

              G. Proof of Financial Means

              H. University Admission Letter

              I. Tuition fees payment receipt 

              J. Your legalised educational documents

              K. Bio-data

              Please note that, in individual cases, the embassy may ask the applicant to submit more documents.

              FINANCIAL MEANS 
              In order to get the Polish Visa, it is very important to prove that you have sufficient fund to complete your study in Poland.

              The university is only concerned with your admission and tuition fees payments. In Poland, most universities ask the students to pay one semester’s tuition fees before issuing the Admission Letter. However, your local embassy may have a different requirement. For example, the Polish Embassy in New Delhi requires the students to pay entire tuition fees in advance if the study period is shorter than one year or first year’s tuition fees if the program is longer than a year.

              To avoid the misunderstanding, read the embassy’s requirements carefully before paying your tuition fees to the university or contact with the consular department if necessary.

              Beside the paid tuition fees, the embassy also wants to see that you have

              • at least 800 Zloty per month for the intended period of stay or for maximum 12 months and
              • 2,500 Zloty for the return ticket (if your country is not neighbouring with the Polish territory)

                  You only need to show funds for the first year of stay in Poland. However, some embassy may also want to see that you have sufficient money for the subsequent year’s tuition fees and living expenses. 

                  So if you are a Master Level student and your yearly tuition fees is 10,000 Zloty, you shall show: 

                  10,000 + (9600 x 2) + 2,500 = 31,700 Zloty (€7500 approximately).

                  To prove the possession of required fund, most Polish embassies ask the students to provide an original private bank account statement dully signed and stamped by the bank. The statement shall not be older than 2 weeks and have at least 3 months’ transactions. However, some embassy may accept a sponsor’s bank account statement and also ask for a longer than 3 months’ bank statement.