Temporary Residence Permit in Poland

After coming to Poland, as a student enrolled in the bachelor, master, integrated master and doctoral program which are also known as the 1st cycle, 2nd cycle, long-cycle, 3rd cycle degrees respectively, you are eligible to apply for the Temporary Residence Permit (Karta Pobytu in Polish). You can also apply for Karta if you are continuing your studies from the EU member country, for example, Exchange Student.

Initially, the Karta is given for 15 months. The subsequent Karta Pobytu is given for the remaining period of study plus 3 months, however, not longer than 3 years.

Documents you need to apply for the Karta Pobytu (Temporary Residence Permit):

  1. Two copies of the application form for the Karta Pobytu
  2. Two photocopies of the valid travel document
  3. Four recent photographs 45x35 mm
  4. Proof of the payment of tuition fees to the university
  5. A document from your university stating that you are enrolled in the programme
  6. Have a valid health insurance for your stay in Poland
  7. Have sufficient fund of around 3,000 EUR to cover your studies, living expense, and return flight back home
  8. Have a place of residence

Related fees for getting the Karta Pobytu:

  1. Fee for the Application: 340 PLN
  2. Fee for the Residence Card: 50 PLN

For more information, visit the governmental website: Click Here

Please note that if you do not justify your purpose of living in Poland, for example, failing examinations, the immigration office may deny your Temporary Residence Permit application and ask you to leave Poland within 30 days from receiving the negative decision.