Healthcare in Poland

Healthcare in Poland for Students

The standard of healthcare system in Poland is high.  It is mandatory to have a health insurance in order to obtain the visa and recommended to have a good one to ensure a safe stay.

Students from EU/EEA countries

Poland offers free healthcare for the Polish students as well as students from EU if they hold European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). To avail the benefit, all you need to do is go to a NFZ approved doctor and show your EHIC card or replacement certificate.

Students outside of EU/EEA countries

Students from outside of EU/EEA region needs to have a health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for their period of stay in Poland. There are two options: either students can get health insurance from their respective countries for the whole period of stay or you can opt for National Health Fund (NFZ)and pay monthly fees and enjoy benefits of the healthcare system. 

For more info, check how to insure yourself voluntarily via NFZ