Student City Ranking Methodology

For international students, 'study abroad' is a life-long investment decision which involves with risking one's future. Beside taking personal risks, students have to adjust with a new culture and bring a justifiable return to their home countries after course completion. As a result, study abroad decision requires a careful consideration of numerous influential factors. 

We believe a university's current students are the most authentic representative of that institution. Thus, our ranking methodology is developed from the stakeholders' points of view and based on feedbacks from international students who are current studying in Poland. Through this ranking, we intend to bring transparency in international student market and assist potential international students to choose a best study abroad destination. 

The Student City Ranking methodology has adopted the star-based rating system. For practical purposes, we have segmented our ranking indicators into 3 groups - 1. Essential Indicators 2. Openness Indicators and 3. Recreation Indicators. Each of these indicators carries equal value and their final score is presented as the mean value of all indicators, where, 5 star is equal to the highest rating and 1 star refers to the lowest performance.


  • Educational Facilities [Books in foreign language in libraries, bookshops, nearby print and photocopy shops]
  • Shopping and Banking Facilities [Availability of nearby grocery shops, malls, restaurants, banks]
  • City Transport [Good communication system by train, bus, tram and/or city bikes within the city and surrounding]
  • Safety and Security [Low crime rate and road traffic injuries]
  • Living Cost [Low living cost in comparison to other cities in Poland]


  • Multicultural Environment [People from different counties, international events and restaurant with foreign cuisines]
  • Racism and Discrimination [The risk of being mistreated because of having a different ethnic origin]
  • Job Opportunities [Availability of part-time and/or full-time jobs for international students and graduates]
  • International Transport Network [Good connection with foreign cities and countries by bus / train / air from the city]


  • Social Events [Opportunity to participate in different integration events]
  • Sports Facilities and Events [Availability of sports centres, sports related events]
  • Environment Quality [Clean streets, green field and parks, good air quality]