Student City Ranking Methodology


  • Educational Facilities [Books in foreign language in libraries, bookshops, nearby print and photocopy shops]
  • Shopping and Banking Facilities [Availability of nearby grocery shops, malls, restaurants, banks]
  • City Transport [Good communication system by train, bus, tram and/or city bikes within the city and surrounding]
  • Safety and Security [Low crime rate and road traffic injuries]
  • Living Cost [Low living cost in comparison to other cities in Poland]


  • Multicultural Environment [People from different counties, international events and restaurant with foreign cuisines]
  • Racism and Discrimination [The risk of being mistreated because of having a different ethnic origin]
  • Job Opportunities [Availability of part-time and/or full-time jobs for international students and graduates]
  • International Transport Network [Good connection with foreign cities and countries by bus / train / air from the city]


  • Social Events [Opportunity to participate in different integration events]
  • Sports Facilities and Events [Availability of sports centres, sports related events]
  • Environment Quality [Clean streets, green field and parks, good air quality]